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ABSTRAK Salma Azaria Al-Amin
PUBLIC Asep Kusmana

The Bandung City Public Library building consists of two buildings, namely the library building which has 5 floors with 1 basement and the auditorium building which consists of 1 floor. In designing the plumbing system for clean water, recycled water, waste water, vents, rainwater, and fire extinguishing systems, the SNI 8153:2015 standard on Plumbing Systems in Buildings is used. The source of clean water from this building uses PDAM water with a capacity of 36.94 m3 per day. Thus, the lower reservoir is planned for 27 m3 and 15 m3 for the upper reservoir. For recycled water that comes from used gray water produced by floor drains, sinks, and lavatory then processed first at the STP in the basement and also from rainwater that is not treated first, a lower reservoir is planned for 24.75 m3 and 15 m3, but in their use, recycled water is only used in the flushing process for the plumbing water closet. The water used is accommodated in the ground water tank which is in the basement and the roof tank which is on the roof floor. Clean water, recycled water and water for fire fighting systems have their own or separate tanks to maintain the quality and quantity of water required for each system. For the waste water system, a separate system is used, where gray water and black water have different pipes, because gray water will be flowed to STP to be treated as recycled water, and black water is directly channeled to the city's real pipe. For the vent system, a loop system is used, in which the vent can serve a maximum of 8 plumbing devices, and is channeled to the top of the building. Rainwater is piped using a gravity system, which is then routed to recycled tanks for water use. The library building is classified as a light fire hazard and the building construction is not flammable, so the fire extinguishing system uses automatic sprinklers and fire extinguishers