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ABSTRAK Jihaan Aliyyah Widagdo
PUBLIC Suharsiyah

Terbatas Suharsiyah

Oil wells continuously decrease about oil productivity perform can be affected by some factors like the inability reservoir to pass their fluid to the surface because permeability in the perforation zone is very low. An efficient method to increase permeability is needed, so oil productivity can increase with one of the methods like hydraulic fracturing to inject fluids with pressure into the formation and proppant mass to fulfill the fracture. Optimum hydraulic fracturing design is affected by increasing of FOI, decreasing of skin, increasing of effective drainage radius, optimum proppant mass. In this paper, design a hydraulic fracturing model with making optimum proppant mass sensitivity. The output from proppant mass sensitivity and optimum fracture geometry to consider hydraulic fracturing design is efficient from the economic sides. Hydraulic fracturing in this research was carried out in a baturaja formation with a perforation depth of 1629.5-1645 mMD with a permeability of 2.3 md. Proppant mass sensitivity was carried out in the range of 10000, 20000, 40000, 60000, 80000 lbm with a density of proppant mass is 156 lbm/ft3, the porosity of proppant mass is 0.35 and a specific gravity of proppant mass is 2.5. Considering hydraulic fracturing design, rock strength analysis such as poisson ratio, modulus young, closure pressure, fracture pressure is carried out. From this research, the optimum hydraulic fracturing design was produced with Xf is (fracture length) 320ft, W (fracture width) is 0.0242 ft, CFD is 1.6468, FOI is 5.723, Jd is 0.4078 and 2-wings volume is 788 ft at a proppant mass of 80000 lbm. From the optimum design, the NPV obtain was 984064 US$ with the initial production rate after stimulation is 203.8816 BOPD. The novelty of this study is an analysis of injected proppant mass into the formation to get the best FOI, NPV, and detailed economic calculations to determine the amount of profit in this study.