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ABSTRACT HIGH CELL DENSITY SUBMERGED MEMBRANE PHOTO-BIOREACTOR FOR MICROALGAE CULTIVATION By Soen Steven Student ID: 23016052 (Chemical Engineering Master Program) A new and effective concept for producing high cell density microalgae and enhance the CO2 removal efficiency using batch mode of submerged membrane photo-bioreactor (SMPBR) was explored. In this study, the SMPBR was inoculated with Chaetoceros calcitrans and operated in ambient condition for 7 days. The SMPBR demonstrated their superiority by increasing the microalgae concentration from initially 106 cells/ml up to a final of 109 cells/ml and able to utilize up to 60% of the CO2. The results conclude that SMPBR is an appropriate technology for producing high cell density microalgae and thus increasing the CO2 removal efficiency. However, the future studies will still need to develop this concept to a large-scale and continuous mode. Keywords: High Cell Density, SMPBR, Microalgae, Cultivation, CO2 Removal Efficiency