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transport from the reservoir to the point of sale. Flow assurance is applied to the petroleum flowpath during all stages of production, including system selection, detailed design, surveillance, troubleshooting operation problems, increased recovery in late life, etc. The major flow assurance issues that are important to be studied in offshore hydrocarbon production are hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes, slugging, naphthenates, scales, corrosion, and erosion. Modelling of fluid flow assurance becomes an alternative solution in analyzing the fluid flow assurance issues. A multiphase flow simulator is needed in modelling of fluid flow assurance. OLGA, a well known commercial transient multiphase flow simulator, is used to analyze and design the model from flowline entry to the production facility. This paper presents a general description of fluid flow assurance issues in X pipeline transport system, followed by characterization of fluid used in the fluid flow assurance model. The comparison between the actual data field and simulation results provided by OLGA is used in analyzing the fluid flow assurance issues in the model. There are some fluid flow assurance issues found in the pipeline transport system model. The fluid flow assurance issues that are assessed in this model are hydrate, organic deposits, and slugging. From the model, it was verified that there is no risk of flow assurance issues such as waxes, asphaltenes, naphthenates, and slugging. However, there are risk of hydrate formation occurrence found during shutdown.