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Oleh   RAISA ALIYYA ROSELI (NIM 19007078); Pembimbing: Ir. Gatot Yudoko, MASc, Ph.D.
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Pembimbing: Ir. Gatot Yudoko, MASc, Ph.D.
Jenis Koleksi : S1-Tugas Akhir
Penerbit : Sekolah Bisnis dan Manajemen
Fakultas : Sekolah Bisnis dan Manajemen (SBM)
Subjek :
Kata Kunci : Stock availability performance, root causes analysis and capacity strategy
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Staf Input/Edit : Vika Anastasya Kovariansi  
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Tanggal Input : 2012-07-23 11:46:50

The results obtained from gap analysis and the root causes analysis of stock availability performance in PT X West Java Plant is that during the peak seasons, the plant could not fulfill the demand on certain products such as medium, 1 liter RGB and 1 liter PET CSD products that influences the total percentage of Stock Availability performance. The existence of out-of-stocks problem for medium and 1 liter RGB products happened because there are problems in empties availability and glass bottle out-of-stocks. In addition, there is still a dependency on other plants for certain products, such as 1 liter PET CSD that often led to out-of-stock because of the two plants that produced these products (Cibitung and Surabaya plant) must cover the demand that has to distributed nationwide. Therefore, the writer also conducts the capacity strategy analysis to map the capacity strategy to company’s business strategy and competitive environment, especially for the out-of-stocks problem for 1 Liter PET CSD products. The result shows that the stay-even strategy is the most appropriate strategy to be applied in PT X. At the end of the research, for the first problem, the writer has provided some proposed solutions like giving more encouragement to the bottle collector to collect more bottles to be sold to the plant by giving them more incentives or awards and implement the stay even strategy on the second problem especially on several products which have Out-of-Stock problem to minimize the loss of chance to capture the market opportunities and also the loss of sales for the company.