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In facing the challenge caused by COVID-19 in tourism sector, innovation and collaboration are believed to be the key to revive the sector. Where these two keys require synergy between the stakeholders involved. This study will identify issues regarding stakeholder engagement which are specific in co-innovation process within the industry, assess to what extent stakeholders engage in co-innovation platform, as well as management practices that may help to deal with these concerns. By conducting qualitative study in creative tourism destinations in West Java, this study aims to design the platform of co- innovation in creative tourism industry and do empirical research to determine the key activities of co-innovation process in creative tourism industry as well. The proposed co-innovation platform model in this study are built by four constructs, including convergence of the ideas (approaching stage), co-creation experience (creating stage), collaborative arrangement (delivering stage), and co-capturing value (capturing stage). The platform facilitates all stages in the co-innovation process to be occurred. The proposed model is validated by experts, both academicians and practitioners in tourism practice. Using SD logic, our study showed tourist and local resident as key co-creator value within the mechanism of how the value created by the communities and captured by the whole ecosystem. Based on the empirical findings, the impact of co-innovation platform in creative tourism destination are including destination sustainability, new creative entrepreneur, and more engaged and satisfied tourists.