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This research aims at developing a model for assessing information system in organization with regard to the impact of organizational culture. The conceptual model is build based onthe three prominent models from information system research: DeLone-McLean information system success model, technology acceptance model (TAM), and unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT). Organizational culture variables are taken from competing values framework (CVF) and organizational culture assessment instrument (OCAI) is used for organizational culture mapping. To validate the model, empirical study was conducted at two IT-based companies using quantitative study. The respondents are the employees of both companies. There are 525 usable sample collected from both companies. Since the data is not normally distributed, therefore PLS-SEM is being used for data analysis. The result showsthat themodel is a good model, however some relationships are not significant. The organizational culture variable gave significant effect on the relationships in the conceptual model. The implications of this study is that, to achieve an information system success,the implementation of an information system in organization has to considerthe culture of the employees. This study is expected to give contributions to both science and practice.