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The concept of material balance has been widely used in the field of reservoir engineering to oversee the behaviour and predict the initial hydrocarbon in place of a reservoir. In this study, the author conducted an analysis and investigation of the material balance implementation to observe the effect of the aquifer on reservoir gas. This study focuses on identifying the patterns of change in the gas reservoir performance with different aquifer properties. The analysis was carried out by adopting material balance application by LSU (Louisiana State University), which uses the Fetkovich method for calculating water influx. Sensitivity analysis is furthermore conducted to examine the effects of changing the aquifer parameters, such as the productivity index of the aquifer (????) and the aquifer volume (????????????). The results show that the value of ???? is inversely proportional to reservoir pressure and aquifer pressure. In contrast, the value of ???????????? is directly proportional to reservoir pressure and aquifer pressure. The author also shows that a reservoir can have the same pressure performance from two different aquifers based on the aquifer's ???? and ???????????? values.