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ABSTRAK Fadlan Azrialsyah
PUBLIC Suharsiyah

Artificial lift methods are commonly used in older fields with declining production rates. Of these methods, two are most commonly used but have different purposes. Electric Submersible Pump or ESP is used to increase the flowing bottom hole pressure to achieve a greater pressure differential with the wellhead pressure. This pressure differential will increase the flow rate, or can help wells that cannot flow naturally become productive. On the other hand, gas lift is a method used to lighten the produced fluid by injecting gas into the fluid column in the well. In addition to increasing production, gas lift can also be used to drain wells that cannot produce naturally. The use of these two artificial lift methods will be used simultaneously, to see how they perform in improving the performance of a well. The study process begins with field data processing, data matching, ESP design, gas lift design, analysis of the use of both, and economic analysis.