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ABSTRAK Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz
PUBLIC Alice Diniarti

Based on Pusdatin Kemkes 2010, skin diseases are ranked third out of the ten most common diseases in Indonesia. Only a few of them have access to dermatology because they feel too ashamed to go to the doctor while having serious diseases like herpes or severe acne. Because of that, many people do self-diagnosis about their skin conditions that can make their skin even worse. Kulitku app is an application to detect and analyze skin conditions and give medicine or skincare recommendations. We target anyone with various skin conditions who wants to maintain their skin health and needs recommendations about the product that can help them to improve their skin. This application can help to analyze their skin using convolution neural networks to classify their skin problems. The application will give information about products that can help to maintain their skin without contradicting their base skin condition. How did your team come up with this project? There are 1.9 billion skin problems, whether they are serious diseases or mild. But, there are only 10% of people who have dermatology and treatment access. Therefore, there are so many people who diagnose their disease themselves, then they consume and use skincare products on the market. Everybody can get infected skin and subcutaneous diseases. In the Tropical countries, such as Indonesia, these cases are easily found in society. Based on Indonesia Health Profile Data (2010), shows that skin diseases become the third of the ten most diseases in hospital's outpatient in Indonesia