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Terbatas Suharsiyah

Indonesia is one of the world's largest geothermal resources; hypothetically, 23,965 MWe potential resources have a considerable potential to achieve the 23% target of renewable energy by 2025. Geothermal, with its significant potential, is expected to contribute to achieving that target. Geothermal project phases involve the feasibility study of the field soon to be developed both technically and economically analyzed and estimated for the future project of the geothermal field. In this study, a technoeconomic study was conducted on X Geothermal Field with estimating reserves of the field using Monte Carlo simulation, and an economic model built appropriately based on scheduling on developing the geothermal field. Reserves were calculated using the volumetric method of heat stored in the reservoirs using data based on the previous study conducted and general assumption data, resulting low ectimate of 197.8 MW, moderate of 277.4 MW, and high estimate 374.8 MW of reserves. In the economic aspect, a feasibility study was conducted for three scenarios of probability reserves. Economic calculation is analyzed through the economic indicator; IRR, NPV, and payout time of the project. The three development scenarios are resulting the positive value of IRR and NPV with reasonable payout time. This concludes that X Field Geothermal is a promising field to be developed with further study and analysis to confirm the result of this study.