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Terbatas  Irwan Sofiyan
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In the field of fixed-wing aviation, stall prevention remains a crucial challenge. Stall, characterized by a sudden loss of lift at high angles of attack, significantly impacts flight safety and performance. This research focuses on exploring morphing wing technologies to enhance high-lift devices in small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The main objectives are to design, develop, and test a morphing wing that can improve lift and stall resistance. We designed the SPICS (Slotted-Pillar Internal Compliant System) morphing wing through several iterations to achieve the desired parabolic deflection. Using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing technology, we created a test section with a 40 cm span and 20 cm chord length. Red dots were added on the wing's cross section to track deflection using computer vision algorithms. The SPICS design was then tested in a controlled wind tunnel environment. The test results showed that the SPICS morphing wing could adjust its camber, resulting the improvement in lift coefficient ????????, with the ???????????????????? reaching up to 1.65. Moreover, the stall angle was extended from 10° to 14°, indicating improved stall resistance. From the stall test, SPICS able to recover the wing from stall condition and maintain its ???????? for higher angle of attack. These findings confirm the potential of the SPICS morphing wing to be a viable alternative to conventional fixed flaps on small scale UAV.