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2018 JN PP Nikol Rummel_1.pdf
Terbatas  Irwan Sofiyan
» Gedung UPT Perpustakaan

In this brief squib, I take up the first of the provocations put forward by Wise and Schwarz in their recent article and make an attempt to spark further discussion. Specifically, I argue that instead of attempting to agree on an overarching, unified conceptual framework for CSCL from the top down, and rather than synthesizing findings from CSCL research from the bottom up, we could take a taxonomy of CSCL support dimensions as a starting point and engage in a concerted research effort with the aim of working towards a comprehensive framework of CSCL support. I therefore propose such a taxonomy, which currently comprises 12 dimensions. By referring to some of my own research, I demonstrate how the proposed process of providing evidence-based design principles for CSCL support that cut across and interleave the dimensions of the taxonomy could work.