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By using Critical Theory Framework, this dissertation seeks to both explore and explain the role of females that involved in social enterprises in creating social values. One of the purposes of this dissertation is to convey and fill gaps in previous literatures discussing on the dynamics of female entrepreneurs whose using social entrepreneurship as an approach to empower people. Despite the stereotyping and dependency that has been transpired in our society, there are apparently females who have been able to develop their potentials and try to empower the society. The cultural limitations have held most females to unleash their potential and to perform in society. Despite the hesitation shown by some females to develop themselves and helping others, these female social entrepreneurs have create social innovation in order to create social values. This dissertation will provide normative model of social value creation through social innovation, which were initiated and managed by female social entrepreneurs. This research is applying qualitative approach through grounded data collection and analysis through iterative coding and constant comparative method. 40 female social entrepreneur, 5 related stakeholders, as well as dozens of people being empowered was included in the grounded data collection to provide an empirical findings that will contribute to the normative model of female social entrepreneurship.