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1999 Tan Lie Ing
PUBLIC Alice Diniarti

An intersection in one of the critical location in traffic jams. One of the efforts to overcome the problem is to optimize the existing traffic facilities, i.e. by changing the operating system traffic light and isolated system becoming coordinated systems. Since June 1997, Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) has been operated in Bandung. The system is a traffic system which has been coordinately adapted in Sydney (SCATS). SCATS is a computer program based on area traffic signal control system. It is operated by real-time, adjusting signal timing as long as the system responses to various traffic demands and system capacities. To evaluate the effectiveness of the ATCS operation in Bandung it's necessary to compare the level of the performance index of TRANSYT-9 programme. The level of the performance index being discussed is the traffic volume and the travel time. Based on the result of the analysis it is obtained that the change of traffic volume on the corridor of the observed roads by using the adaptive time and fixed in the morning is - 6.81 %, in the afternoon is - 6.95 %, and in the evening is 4.00 %. While the change of total travel time along the corridor by using the adaptive time and fixed time in the morning is 31.59 %, in the afternoon is 11.16 %, and the evening is 21.23 %.