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Flying wingFproblems and decisions

Oleh   A.L. Bolsunovsky, N.P. [-]
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Kata Kunci : priority directions in TsAGI’s research, Fproblems and decisions
Sumber : Aircraft Design 4 (2001) 193–219 - Elsevier Science
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Traditionally, one of the priority directions in TsAGI’s research activity is searching for new concepts in the field of aviation technologies. In the context of these studies basic problems related to the development of advanced large-capacity aircraft of a flying-wing (FW) configuration have been studied at TsAGI since the late-1980s (Byushgens, Aviation in XXI century, Symposium on ‘‘Aeronautical Technology in XXI Century’’, Moscow, September1989; Denisov et al., Conceptual design for passenger airplane of very large capacity in ‘‘flying wing’’ layout, ICAS 96-4.6.1, 1996).....