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Quantitative evaluation of relative contribution of high-valent iron species and sulfate radical in Fe(VI) enhanced oxidation processes via sulfur reducing agents activation

Oleh   Yuan Gao [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Su-Yan Pang, Zhen Wang, Yong-Ming Shena, Jin Jiang
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Kata Kunci : Fe(VI), Sulfite, Thiosulfate, High-valent iron intermediate, Sulfate radical
Sumber : Chemical Engineering Journal journal,
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Tanggal Input : 2020-01-29 14:32:36

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Recently, it has been reported that sulfur reducing agents (e.g., sulfite and thiosulfate) can effectively activate Fe(VI), leading to a fast degradation of various contaminants. However, the reactive intermediates (i.e., high-valent iron species versus free radicals) involved in the Fe(VI)/sulfite and Fe(VI)/thiosulfate systems remain far from clear....