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Responses of black willow (Salix nigra) cuttings to simulated herbivory and flooding

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Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Lili T. Martin a, S. Reza Pezeshki
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Kata Kunci : Black willow; Flooding; Growth; Herbivory; Photosynthesis
Sumber : ScienceDirect, Acta Oecologica 28 (2005) 173–180
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Herbivory and flooding influence plant species composition and diversity in many wetland ecosystems. Black willow (Salix nigra) naturally occurs in floodplains and riparian zones of the southeastern United States. Cuttings from this species are used as a bioengineering tool for streambank stabilization and habitat rehabilitation. The present study was conducted to evaluate the photosynthetic and growth responses of black willow to simulated herbivory and flooding...