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Regeneration in a mixed stand of native Pinus canariensis and introduced Pinus pinea species

Oleh   José Ramón Arévalo [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Agustín Naranjo-Cigala, Marcos Salas Pascual
Jenis Koleksi : Jurnal elektronik
Penerbit : Lain-lain
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Kata Kunci : K; Competition; Regeneration; Restoration; Canary Islands
Sumber : ScienceDirect, Acta Oecologica 28 (2005) 87–94
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The main objective of our study is to determine whether regeneration of Pinus pinea (an exotic species) is spreading within a Pinus canariensis (native species) stand. The study area is located in the Natural Park of Tamadaba, 1400 m asl., in the NW of Gran Canaria Island (Canary Islands). Stems and regeneration of P. canariensis and P. pinea were mapped in five randomly selected plots where both species were planted together around 45 years ago....