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Study on optimization of moisture retention for golf green rootzone soil mixtures

Oleh   Yin Shao-Hua [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Chang Zhi-Hui , Han Lie-Bao, Lu Xin-Shi
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Kata Kunci : Golf course green, Soil profile, Rootzone soil mixtures
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Most golf course green have been constructed with pure sand or sand-based rootzone mixes. As we know, high sand content provides rapid drainage despite sand’s inefficiency in retaining moisture. However, drainage capability and water retention are both essential elements to the golf course green, and the addition of peat could increase the soil moisture retention, therefore, the research on the drainage capability and water retention of the sandy golf green has become more and more important these years. In this study, extreme vertex design was applied which is one of the mixture experiment designs widely used in mixture experiments, the study investigated the effects of the thirteen different rootzone soil mixtures using middle-coarse, fine sand, very fine sand plus silt and clay as well as peat as the materials under three kinds of golf green profile (1-layer profile, 2-layer profile, 3-layer profile) conditions on the water retention of green rootzone. Through the qualitative, quantitative and optimization analysis of water retention capability of the sandy golf green, evidence a basis for choice of green profiles and rootzone matrix could be provided.