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Effect of annual variation in soil pH on available soil nutrients in pear orchards

Oleh   Jing Zhao [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Yan Dong, Xingbin Xie, Xin Li, Xianxian Zhang, Xiang Shen
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Kata Kunci : Annual variation, Soil pH, Available soil nutrients
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Soil pH is an important factor affecting the availability of soil nutrients that impact plant growth. Given the susceptibility of soil pH to excessive fertilization and the widespread use of manures, it is essential to examine the influence of soil pH on the distribution and availability of soil nutrients. We sampled and analyzed brown soils from pear orchards in thirteen towns in Wendeng county. Samples were obtained from areas along or between rows of trees at specified distances and depths. The results showed that the soil pH fluctuated from 4.06 to 6.59 in October 2008 and from 4.24 to 7.57 in April 2009.