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Effects of nitrogen addition on the abundance and composition of soil ammonia oxidizers in Inner Mongolia Grassland

Oleh   Li Xiaoxiao [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Ying Jiaoyan, Chen Ying, Zhang Limei, Gao Yongsheng, Bai Yongfei
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Kata Kunci : Nitrogen deposition, Nitrogen accumulation, Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Sumber : ScienceDirect
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Nitrogen accumulation in soil is increasing in Inner Mongolia which is resulted mainly from fertilization accompanied by conversion of large area of grasslands to croplands. Ammonia-oxidation is the key step of nitrification which is driven by ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms, and study on the response of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms is necessary for understanding the effects of nitrogen fertilization on ecosystem functions.