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The Poetic Mission Art II: Reviewing a Life, a Calling

Oleh   Haki R. Madhubuti [-]
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Jenis Koleksi : Jurnal elektronik
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Kata Kunci : Poetry, psychology of art, culture
Sumber : The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.4, no.2, December 2010
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Among these senior words, this questioning and quieting narrative, art, and all its imperfections, contributed wonderfully to the defining history of my life. As a doer in this world, as a committed poet, political and cultural activist, educator, publisher, public intellectual, businessman, husband, father, cultural father, word-organizer, editor, institution builder, protector of children and pro-street-fighter, I have swum in an ocean not of my making. After over sixty-seven years of an imperfected back stroke, I realize the many countless times I have been close to drowning, only to emerge stronger in part due to the thousands of special and not so special people I have encountered in this life, in this struggle.