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Understanding Young Children’s Three-Dimensional Creative Potential in Art Making

Oleh   Victoria Pavlou [-]
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Kata Kunci : Children art, Visual perception, psychology
Sumber : International Journal of Art & Design Education. Jun2009, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p139-150. 12p
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This article explores aspects of young children’s three-dimensional development in art making. Understanding young children’s three-dimensional awareness and development is often a neglected area of early childhood educators’ education and practice and often children’s crea- tive potential is not fully realised. The present article is based on a small scale qualitative study which focused on understanding 5–6 year-olds’ representational intentions in three-dimensional artworks, understanding of visual/design concepts and expressive use of media (scrap paper and mod roc). The findings of the study suggest that young children are able to create satisfying three dimensional representations giving emphasis on forms, uprightness, balance, movement and modeling of multiple sides.