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Reconstructing the mechanical parameters of a transversely-isotropic rock based on log and incomplete core data integration

Oleh   Micha? Wojtowicz [-]
Kontributor / Dosen Pembimbing : Marek Jarosi?ski
Jenis Koleksi : Jurnal elektronik
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Subjek : Mining & related operations
Kata Kunci : Transversely isotropic, Stiffness tensor, Core-log integration, Triaxial core test, Ultrasonic core measurement, Baltic Basin
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Tanggal Input : 2019-02-20 13:12:56

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In this paper we present a method to integrate core-log data when a full set of good quality velocity measurements on core samples is not available. We used some simple and justified assumption along with additional information that came from static triaxial tests. Large number of used core data significantly reduces uncertainty of obtained results. We started from evaluating five components of the stiffness tensor, and then calculated the static and dynamic moduli and Thomsen's parameters. The proposed method is based on data from three wells located in the Early Paleozoic Baltic Basin in Poland. The parameters were calculated based on data from one reference well-denoted in this paper as A-1. For this well, around 300 m of core was retrieved from the lower Silurian and Ordovician interval and a significant number of tests were performed on core samples. Results were then validated for the next two wells denoted as B-1 and C-1. The obtained model fits quite well with core data, which shows that chosen method proved to be efficient.