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Now a day, the application of 4D surface microgravity technology for identification density changes of fluid reservoir is rapidly develop. But, it still has a resolution limitation in vertical density variation. Alternatively, borehole gravity meter technique can resolve this problem. In this research, to get effectiveness in measuring borehole gravity response, a forward modeling code program has been created for some complex synthetic models. A complex model means that the reservoir has some faults, anticline, syncline, and wedge out shape. And then, a characteristic analysis of gravity anomaly response has been done relates to amplitude, wavelength, boreholes space and model geometry. The result of synthetic modeling supported by amplitude attribute analysis shows that the shape of complex synthetic model and its depth can be identified clearly. This paper shows a simulation of fluid movement in reservoir with different models at different times. With this simulation, we can see that 4D borehole microgravity is useful to monitoring the fluid movement in reservoir.