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PUBLIC Alice Diniarti

Abstract :The general problem of the motion of the three bodies (assumed to be point masses), subject only to their mutual gravitational attractions has not been solved, although many particular solutions have been found. In the three dynamical model (Sun-Jupiter-Asteroid) perturbing are mainly due to close approaches with the Jupiter. Study based on the view of Tisserand's invariant, is not modified by encounters. Thus orbit must remain close to surface T = constant in the orbital element space, spread in the range from 2 to 7.6 with strong concentration at T > 3 mean while cornets have T < 3. The expansion of T into a series of eccentricity of orbit, e for objects near Earth and approximately on ecliptic plane gives T = 3 + 0(e2). Therefore, the orbit of a body with small inclination, i, will evolve near the line of perihelion, q = 1 on Tisserand's curve, thus causing frequent Earth approach. Our study shows that the integrated orbit of 4179 Toutatis always stays close to counter line T = 3.0297. The contour, locus, level surfaces of T and curves correspond to relative zero velocity are present.