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Oleh : SIN KIMSAY (NIM : 23109021); Pembimbing : Dr. Leonardo Gunawan; Dr. Rianto Adhy Sasongko, S2 - Mechanical Engineering
Dibuat : 2011, dengan 8 file

Keyword : Motorcycle dynamical model, matlab, simulink

The motorcycle is a type of ground vehicles that many people use for their daily transportation use. Presently motorcycles become popular vehicle especially for people living in crowded city because by using this vehicle, they can easily avoid the traffic jam. Motorcycle provides a convenient and relatively inexpensive alternative to automobile. They are more maneuverable than automobiles and they deliver higher fuel economy. However, riding a motorcycle requires more caution and awareness to ensure safety, since motorcycles provide less protection to the riders compared to cars. Therefore, motorcycles must be designed and built by following a rather strict safety consideration, and accordingly, their drivers must have enough skills to control and manage them. Relation to the considerations explained above, a motorcycle dynamic simulator is developed. This thesis is a part of the development at a motorcycle simulator which can be used as motorcycle design tools and also as driver training/skill assessment tools.

This thesis deals with the development of the mathematical model of the kinematic and dynamic of a motorcycle system, consisting of main frame, front fork, engine, brake and suspension.

For the development of this simulator, necessary to develop a mathematical model that represents the dynamics of motorcycles systems, which can be obtained based on the dynamic equation motion of bicycle. The full mathematical

model is governed to describe the motion of the motorcycle, which further will be transformed into a numerical simulation for driving the simulator platform.

The development of numerical model of motorcycle dynamic is done with the help of MATLAB-SIMULINK. The result of the simulation shows that, the development model can simulate various maneuvers of a motorcycle realistically. This is qualitatively compatible to the response of a real motorcycle.

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  • Pembimbing : Dr. Leonardo Gunawan; Dr. Rianto Adhy Sasongko
    , Editor: PKL-SMK

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