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Oleh : Abdul Azis, S2 - Informatics
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Trafik ss7.

Nomor Panggil (DDC) : T 621.382 2 AZI
Sumber pengambilan dokumen : 20061019


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Abstract :

This thesis presents the result of a research about traffic type of Signalling SS7 especially Message Signaling Unit in PT. Telekomunkasi Indonesia., because there is a research claims that type of Poisson Traffic in adequate to account for Traffic of SS7 Signalling behavior. That research found that self-similar traffic models provider a better fit [IItUFF94]. Consequence of self-similar traffic will carry of calculation dhange of link dimension, network delay and network loss.

Self-similar Traffic is traffic that describes phenomena where a particular characteristic of data series is similar at different dimensions (many data or few data).

In this research is done collected of traffic data between STP with other switching. Traffic data is collected from Network Fault Management in Network Division. Data range are collected since March 23, 2000 until May, 31 2001.

That traffic data is analyzed by tools, in order that traffic type is known. That tools apply Variance Plot Method and RS Plot Method.
The result of research indicates that type of Signalling SS7 Traffic especially MSU is Self-similar Traffic.

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