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Casting practice of Hadfield manganese steel alloy and effect of solution treatment on its microstructure.


Master Theses from JBPTITBPP / 2001-09-11 11:38:00
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Keyword : Carbide precipitation; SEM; EDS; Solution treatment; Decarburization
Subjek : Mechanical engineering
Nomor Panggil (DDC) : T 671.2 PER
Sumber pengambilan dokumen : Theses Magister Mechanical Engineering ITB (2000/2845)

Examination of the as-cast austenitic manganese steel containing 1.17% C and 13.02% Mn exhibited the formation of carbides along austenite grain boundaries and other interdendritic areas due to Mn and C segregation. The gray carbide at grain boundaries was observed showing cellular / lamellar structure at higher magnification. Some of white contrast carbides exist within the grain. Segregation and carbide precipitation were studied using SEM and EDS.
In this work, observation has been performed to understand the effect of solution treatment on the carbide dissolution during solutionizing at the austenizing temperature. This experiment is for casting weighing 0.4 kg and 12.5 mm in section size. A single austenite phase at a cross section specimens was obtained for rapid and step heating procedure with holding times were 45 minutes -6 hours at 1050oC. In contrast, no holding time was required for continuous heating procedure due to lower rate of heating about 18o/s.
Observation on the surface exhibited decarburization, it may be by furnace gas during heating. This surface has depth 0.2-3 mm below the casting surface and formed partly martensitic structure.

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