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Oleh : Ahmad Basuki, S2 - Highway System Engineering
Dibuat : 1994-04-00, dengan 1 file

Keyword : samples of clay soil, soil suction, tropical soil
Subjek : Soil, Highway system engineering
Nomor Panggil (DDC) : T.625.732 BAS
Sumber pengambilan dokumen : 19941942


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EVALUATION OF THE FILTER PAPER TECHNIQUE TO MEASURE SOIL SUCTION IN TROPICAL SOIL, RACHMAD BASUKI, 1994, Program Magister Sistem don Teknik Jalan Royal Program Pasco Soriano, Institut Teknologi Bandung. A method has been developed involving the use of filter paper for measuring the pore water suction in samples of clay soil. The test method has been shown to be both simple and straight forward, and yields quantitative values of soil suction as accurate as other more sophisticated and more expensive techniques. Considering this, an attempt has been made to evaluate by the filter paper technique the soil suction in selected tropical soils in Indonesia. The soils examined were obtained from three locations in Java (Cepu, Cikampek and Cikalong Wetan). A correlation between soil suction and filter paper water content was obtained using oedometer testing. Index properties were determined using ASTM standard procedures and those recommended for tropical residual soil. The procedure for soil suction determination using WHATMAN'S No.42 filter paper was followed as described by CHANDLER (1992). Swelling pressure (suction) test procedures were followed as described by HEAD (1982). From a correlation between the suction value as found in the oedometer and filter paper water content for these soils, an equation was obtained that can be used to determine suction for the selected Indonesian soils using the filter paper technique only. The correlation established was found to be in good agreement with that of CHANDLER and GUTIERREZ at filter paper water content in excess of 47 percent. At lower values of filter paper water content, values of soil suction estimated were lower than those estimated using the CHANDLER and GUTIERREZ correlation.When the correlation established by CHANDLER and GUTIERREZ.for filter paper water content in excess of 47 percent was applied over the entire range of filter paper water content there was good agreement with the correlation determinedin this investigation. The results showed that Cepu soil exhibited soil suction values higher than those found for Cikampek and Cikalong Wetan soils. It was also found that the contribution of tree roots was very important to the development of higher soil suction, especially where the natural water content was below the plastic limit

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OrganisasiS2 - Highway System Engineering
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