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CABLE, COMPUTER AIDED BUS LINE EVALUATION(Published at 5th Annual Symposium of Indonesian Inter-University on Transportation Studies Forum)

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTITBPP / 2011-05-12 10:52:15
Oleh : Edwin Prakoso, ST, S1 - Department of Civil Engineering
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Keyword : cable ; software ; computer ; bus line.
Kepala Subjek : Computer Sciences
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Cakupan : Published at 5th Annual Symposium of Indonesian Inter-University on Transportation Studies Forum

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Routine evaluations on public transportation system need to be conducted. But the authority in public transportation has not conducted routine evaluation. Main problem that arises is there is no framework that is ready to be used, which cause changes to increase public transportation service were often carried out by

trial-and-error approach.

Objective of this study is to establish a framework that can be used for routine evaluation on public transportation system in form of software. The software

resulted from this study is named CABLE (Computer Aided Bus Line Evaluation) which is made to be run on Windows 32-bit operating system. The evaluation approach that used is simulation approach. This approach is used because this approach can describe public transportation system performance better.

Indicators that can be obtained by simulating system for example are, loading ratio, average passengers waiting time, total fare collected, total operating cost,

and operating cost ratio. The study was conducted on DAMRI public transportation system in Semarang by using artificial data. Number of routes evaluated is 6, which are operated from 5:30 to 21:00. All routes operate started from the edge of city, through urban area, and ended on the other end of city. The study shows that this software is capable to describe system performance well, whether from operator point of view or users point of view. Long simulation time can generate enough data to obtain average result with small standard deviation. For study implementation, primary survey can be conducted. The case study on Semarang shows that average routes performance is well enough. It is recommended to increase frequency on Terboyo-Pudak Payung via Pemuda and Terboyo-Pudak Payung via Cipto. Meanwhile, it is recommended to change the vehicle type for Tanjung Mas-Ngaliyan route to vehicle with less capacity. Some possibilities to develop this software are recommended, as development of this software to network base, bus scheduling, and completion of the approach to calculate delays at intersection.

Copyrights : Copyright Â(c) 2001 by ITB Central Library. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted by author in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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    1.Rudy Hermawan, Ir. ,MSc., PhD. ;

    2.Idwan Santoso, Ir. ,MSc., PhD., DIC. ;

    3.Ofyar Z Tamin,Ir. , MSc., PhD.,Prof.
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