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Oleh : AYUNDA AULIA VALENCIA (NIM : 22311306); Pembimbing : Dr. Sonny Winardhi, Department of Geophysical Engineering
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Keyword : Organic shale, physical parameter, anisotropy, HI, maturity

Shale gas is natural gas from shale formations which acts as both source and reservoir, each shale gas

reservoir has unique and complex characteristics. One of

fundamental challenge of shale gas development is to

understand the relationship between physical parameter

and anisotropy that control maturity process. Forward modeling is performed to study interaction of various physical parameters that affect the shale rock using rock physics model. These models included Xu & Payne model (2009) extent to shale rock to predict effect of pore type on P-wave velocity, modeling the effect of mineral mixture in shale rock, anisotropy study of kerogen effect using the modified sayers algorithm (2013), and maturity modeling which is the maturity process divided into two process, early to peak mature and peak to post mature process. Moreover, inversion process is done to estimate the aspect ratio and TOC content using well data from potential shale gas field.

The results show that anisotropy strongly affected by organic content and aspect ratio. Pore size and amount

of organic content can significantly change elastic modulus. TOC estimation result yield interesting results

which is show better correlation with laboratory data

than TOC predicted using passey algorithm. Anisotropy

show distinct behavior for both early to peak mature and

peak to post mature. In early to post mature step, the

anisotropy tend to increase due to increasing gas content which is reach its maximum in peak mature. In peak to post mature, the anisotropy value tend to decrease due to decreasing gas content because expelling process. These modeling result confirmed by laboratory measurement in maturity using hydrogen index, however the use of HI can be ambiguous since HI not unequivocally related to maturity but rather to probable origin of maceral type.

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  • Pembimbing : Dr. Sonny Winardhi, Editor: PKL-SMK

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