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Sofia Kurkovsky Kovalevskaya - "Jenial" Matematika dari Rusia

2012-10-19 by Rocio, info{at}
It sounds like you had a ftnatsaic weekend, Lizzie! I've run in Central Park a few times and really enjoyed it. However, because there are so many trails, it's easy to get lost (yep, it happened three times! I was probably that clueless tourist you're talking about, haha!). It still amazes me that a park so big exists in a city so big! I've heard great things about Steve's Ice Cream. Next time I'm in NYC, I am going there first!
2012-10-17 by Karen, info{at}
I am going to run Chicago, the day after will drive to Toronto and the following wekened I will be running Half Marathon at Toronto race on the 18th. I did it last year. What is your advice this time during the week?

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